Hi to all you shooters out there.

You know how it goes, one day you shoot like George Digweed, the next day you shoot like Emler Fudd, well this site has been set up for the days your mates shoot like Elmer Fudd. It purely exists to ridicule your mates on how shit they were on the day, whether it was a major competition or a little Sunday morning clay shoot amongst friends it is guarenteed one or you will shoot like shit.

What do I have to do to list a buddy on the site?

That’s simple, send in a picture or two of the shooting floater that won’t flush, his/her name, a brief description of your day’s shooting and your scores to shit shooters.co.uk and they will be posted in the blog.


Dereck 2015 Shitshooter

Dereck reigning world champion shit shooter 2015


Andy “Meerkat” Peake world champion shit shooter 2014