Tough shoot at Westonzoyland

Hi Guys

Most of the crew headed north today to some highfalutin executive shoot leaving the rest of us without any mates, so we went to Westonzoyland, near Bridgwater, Somerset for a friendly 100 birds. It was a tough shoot this morning with some real challenging birds including the fastest rabbit in the world, the low scores reflect just how tough it was.

The winner on a measly 55/100 Dereck

In second place on 50/100 Big Gay Al

And that floater that just won’t flush – Frank on 36/100

Better shooting next time guys


Andy shot shit at Ashley

Hi Guys

Half the crew went to Ashley near Tiverton, Devon today (18th January 2015) for a 100 birds registered, turns out we had an unexpected shit shooter.

So the scores

Barry “Baz” = 84/100 (Nice shooting buddy)

Al “Big gay” = 62/100

Tilley = 61/100

And todays christmas log

Andy  = 60/100 (Man what a shit score, even Stevie Wonder could shoot better than that)

Better shooting next time


Big Gay and Dereck at Mendip

Hi Guys

Just me and Big Gay Al at Mendip Shooting Ground today, the rest of the crew went to Podimore we didn’t get an invite

The scores

Me = 79/96
Al = 72/96

Stock picture of me from October

Al half way round the layout whilst he had a two clay lead

Do you think he hit this easy going away?

Till the next time

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Christmas shoot in Devon

Hi Guys

Today some of the crew made the third of the tri-annual 200 bird shooting expeditions down to Ilfracombe in darkest Devon County, about a 150 mile round trip from my home town of Burnham-On-Sea

All meeting up at The Northgate Inn about 8am for breakfast we then went onto The North Devon Shooting Ground for a 100 birds in the morning before driving 3 miles to the other side of town for another 100 birds at The Southwest Shooting School in the afternoon.

Weather was pretty kind to us after heavy rain was forecast all we got was some clouds, quite a stiff breeze with 40 degrees of heat.

My shooting was a little off colour at times as still recovering from quite a nasty virus but still managed to finish in the middle order.

So the scores

100 birds at North Devon

Jim = 83
Carl Sr = 82
Big Gay Al = 78
Me = 77
Barry = 68
Carl Jr = 75
Terry = 67

100 Birds at Southwest Shooting Ground

Barry = 90 (The previous night’s beer had worn off)
Big Gay Al = 82
Me = 77 (Consistant)
Jim = 75
Terry = 71
Carl Sr = 59
Carl Jr = 59

So who was today’s shit shooter?

Having a belter of a day in first place with 160/200 Big Gay Al, three cheers!

In joint second with 158/200 Barry and Jim

Now comes me in a respectable forth place all things considered with 154/200

Just into the also rans with a 141/200 Carl Sr

Saved from a humiliating defeat with 138/200 Terry

And finally the shit sinking to the bottom of the pile with 134/200 Carl Jr

Later mang

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