Terry got shat on at Westfield

Hi Guys

Whilst me and Big Gay Al were breaking in new shit shooter Doug (see previous post) at The Cotswolds Gun club some of the crew were busting clays not far away at Westfield Shooting Ground doing a 100 bird CPSA registered. Conditions were not so good with a brisk wind blowing followed by rain later on, made for a tough shoot and some of the scores reflected it.

Coming in first as usual Baz “Nice bunny ears” with 75/100

Following in a semi distant second was Andy “No more than five mates” with 64/100

Dr John “Watch where you point that loaded finger” just in the medals with 53/100

Tilley “Doing a Cheshire cat impression” because he didn’t come last with 43/100

And finally today’s shit filled nappy indicating the number of clays he hit on that last stand Terry with a miserable 42/100

Happy shooting


Doug “Digweed” the new guy doesn’t dissapoint

Hi Guys

Today Big Gay Al and myself took a little jaunt up the M5 to The Cotswolds Gun Club for another friendly 100 birds on a Sunday morning. After having a coffee and getting into character Clair (The clubhouse boss) asks us if we would mind taking Doug a new guy round, “sure” we said “but only if he is a shit shooter” turns out he didn’t dissapoint

Doug apparently is a new shooter and swore he had only shot a few times picking his new gun up yesterday. Well after a couple stands me and Big Gay thought we were being set up as we were all about equal on the the score card but then he started to show his real colours slipping down the order to finish in last place with Bi Gay Al beating me by one clay.

Whilst it may be a little unfair to call Doug a shit shooter after only a few rounds, as he did shoot exceptionally well for a new guy busting clays on occasion like a ten year verteran but the rules state, you come last, you were the shit shooter.

So a big cheer and a dollup of shit for Doug.

Happy shooting


Baz shoots shit at Laburnum House

Hi Guys

Well he thought he could keep it a secret but a little birdy tells me he went without his mates to Jobe’s shoot at Laburnum House, Highbridge, Somerset for some top secret shooting practice and shot shit. He should know better, nothing escapes the shitshooters blogmaster. I am not privvy to the scoore (yet) but let’s all throw some shit at a fan and see how much sticks to Baz.

Happy Shooting


Didn’t get any scores so made some up

Hi Guys

Well your blogmaster was off deer stalking again and requested from the rest of the crew some new pictures and the scores for the day’s shooting to be mailed in. Well obviously that was too fucking difficult because I got nothing, zip, squat, didley, nout, nought, zero, zilch a big fat goose egg, I thought it was a simple enough request, guess this is the calibre of mate I have.

So lacking any scores I made some up and lacking any new photos have used some stock pictures

Al “Big gay” = 92/100 Well done Al, some fantastc claybusting buddy

Tilley = 88/100 Well done Tilley great improvement in your shooting

Andy  = 38/100 Man that was a pretty shit score but not quite enough to win a shit shooters trophy

And this weeks mouldering shit stained underwear stuck to the post on the end of the bed just where you left them three weeks ago

Barry “Baz” = 29/100 Geez that must be the ultimate shit score

Better shooting next time


Dereck and Big Gay Al have no mates

Hi Guys

Your blogmaster and Big Gay Al thought they had some mates but once again were left behind when they all went off with “Mr I won’t shoot in a group of more than five”, we didn’t even get an invite, well fuck ’em and their wheelbarrow, we had a great time without them at The Cotswolds Gun Club.

The scores

Me = 67/100 (Even after getting a quack saver on one stand)
Al = 60/100

No one needs more than 28 inches

Wiped that grin of Al’s face today

Happy shooting


Baz forgets to invite his mates

Hi Guys

Your blogmaster thought he had some mates but was left behind when they all went to Gunsite for a 100 bird CPSA registered

So onto the scores.

Baz was the winner as usual with 86/100 (must have been an easy shoot that’s all I can say)

In second place Matt with a cool 75/100 We have no pictures of Matt (Some say his scrotum has it’s own gravitational field and that he doesn’t like to get his helmut wet)

Next up Andy on 73/100, very average

In forth place Terry with a reasonable 68/100 (No pictures of Terry either – He is an enigma)

Finally a big cheer for Tilley who seems to make a habit of being the week’s steaming pile on 61/100

Happy shooting


Dave takes a massive dump at Podimore

Hi Guys

Your blogmaster was out stalking Sunday morning so didn’t get to bust any clays but the rest of the crew went to Podimore for a 100 birds CPSA registerd.

So onto the scores, not sure why I post up the winners because this is shit shooters, I guess it’s to make the shit shooter look even worse and what a shit score we have for you today

Baz was the winner as usual (getting a little monotonous this) with 84/100

Next up Andy on 74/100, very respectable

Coming in joint third was Gary and Tilley on 64/100

Finally a big cheer for Dave (GT) today’s pebble dashed thunderbox in last place with a miserable 52/100

Happy shooting