The new guy Joss shoots shit

Hi Guys

A customer came to pick his car up at the shop last week and said “You do some shooting don’t you?” , “Hmmmmm, yeeeeeesssss” I tentatively replied not knowing if this guy was a sandal wearing, frog counting, tree hugging anti. “Well I am looking for somewhere to shoot” he said, “Getting pissed off with going to Brookbank” he said.

Anyhow taking a day off from stalking me and Big Gay Al were going to¬†Aschcombe so I give the guy a call and like an excited 12 year old he said “yeah I will come”. As usual we stopped at The Grill On The Hill for breakfast

You know the rules at shit shooters that the new guy always shoots first, nervously Joss took to the stand, a quartering left on report a quartering right and he busted them like a pro and from then on he was shit.

Me and Big Gay Al did pur usual trick of exchanging the lead by a clay or two with it all to shoot for on the last stand whilst Joss trailed in last place.

Big Gay Al eventually took the honours but the star of the show was the new guy Joss with a score so shit it was shittier than a shit thing that was shit.

Today's shit filled colostomy bag Joss
Today’s shit filled colostomy bag Joss

It was a good day having some shooting fun and we finished with a round of skeet bunnies, Joss seemed to enjoy the skeet bunnies but was shit at that as well.

Happy shooting