Big Gay Al couldn’t hit shit

Hi Guys

Saturday evening I get a text from Baz a fully paid up member of the my shit don’t stink trio asking if me and Big Gay Al were shooting, seems his buddies have snubbed him, yeah sure dude I replied we are going to The Cotswolds Gun Club, so that was it we were all set for some shooting. I also sent a text to Joss the new shitshooter from a couple of weeks ago.

Sunday morning All arrives and we get into character, then collect Baz and finally onto pick-up Joss. Knocked open his door and it was like the grave, dog started to bark and there was a little rummaging of the curtains then Joss appears like a cast off from a zombie flick. Uuuurrrggh, uurrrgh ugg, fflllluuuuug he said are you going shooting, yeah we said, oh fuck he said sorry guys, well we sent you a text, mass snubbage from the newbie.

As is traditional we stopped for a magnificent breakfast at the Toby Carvery on the way.

Me and Baz started the round with a great eight apiece while Al only managed a four, me and Baz continued with sevens, eight, nines and tens while Al followed behind with fours, fives and sixes, on the last stand me and Baz were even and Al only need nineteen out of ten to win.

Today's hero
Today’s hero

Baz squeaked a couple lucky clays to take today’s honours

Bottled the last stand
Bottled the last stand

The pressure got to me and I slipped into second place

Two stands behind and still smiling
Two stands behind and still smiling

Big Gay Al his shit stinks of shit

Happy shooting