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Terry got shat on at Westfield

Hi Guys

Whilst me and Big Gay Al were breaking in new shit shooter Doug (see previous post) at The Cotswolds Gun club some of the crew were busting clays not far away at Westfield Shooting Ground doing a 100 bird CPSA registered. Conditions were not so good with a brisk wind blowing followed by rain later on, made for a tough shoot and some of the scores reflected it.

Coming in first as usual Baz “Nice bunny ears” with 75/100

Following in a semi distant second was Andy “No more than five mates” with 64/100

Dr John “Watch where you point that loaded finger” just in the medals with 53/100

Tilley “Doing a Cheshire cat impression” because he didn’t come last with 43/100

And finally today’s shit filled nappy indicating the number of clays he hit on that last stand Terry with a miserable 42/100

Happy shooting